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Germany's "Verliebt in Berlin" (In Love in Berlin) premiered on February 28, 2005, and it was Germany's second series to use the telenovela format. This half-hour show starred Alexandra Neldel as Elisabeth 'Lisa' Plenske and Mathis Künzler as David Seidel. Lisa worked for David at the fashion house, Kerima Moda. After 364 episodes, 21 specials, and a TV movie (September 1, 2006), Lisa and David's love story wrapped up, but the series continued without them.

Lisa Plenske grew up in a village called Göberitz, near Berlin, with her parents Bernd and Helga. Lisa decided to go to Berlin to try to get a job at the city's famed fashion house, Kerima Moda. There, she literally bumped into David Seidel, the junior chairman of the company, and quickly fell in love with him. She started off in the catering department, but managed to get promoted to David's personal assistant when David decided that he'd rather have the frumpy Fräulein Plenske than his fiancée Mariella von Brahmberg's best friend, the nosy and petty Sabrina.

Story Synopsis

Lisa Plenske dreams about getting a job as an executive's assistant in the fashion industry, unfortunately she was rejected for the job she applied for at Kerima Moda, a prestigious international fashion house. She is offered a job at the company, but in the the catering department. She decides to take the job, considering a foot in the door. On her first day, there is a runway presentation, so she and Agnes Hetzer, her new co-worker, have to cater the event. It is at this fashion show that Lisa faces David Seidel, the company's young new boss, for the first time and she falls in love with him at first sight.

David gets drunk at the party, partially because of tensions between himself and his girlfriend, Mariella von Brahmberg, and he trips, hits his head, and falls into the swimming pool. Lisa sees David floating face-down in the water and she jumps into the pool to save him. Unfortunately, when it comes time to take a photograph for a story about his rescue, David and his friend Max Petersen decide that Mariell'as friend Sabrina's face would be more aesthetically pleasing in the picture than Lisa's, so Sabrina becomes the designated hero. Lisa decides to quit her job, but she is overjoyed when David rewards her by making her his assistant. Sabrina also wanted the job as David's assistant, so she declares Lisa to be her sworn enemy.

David puts Lisa in a dank, windowless office, where he loads her up with various tasks in order to keep her hidden away. She doesn't have to suffer in the tiny room for long, though, because David soon decides to station her right outside his office door. Lisa is soon caught up in a mishap when David asks her to pick up an engagement ring he has selected for Mariella. Lisa gets the ring, but she decides to try it on her own finger and it gets stuck. When David finds out what has happened he fires Lisa, but he quickly realizes that he has become dependent on her, so he apologizes to her and uses his charm to lure her back.

David's archenemy, Mariella's brother Richard, tries to set him up by convincing a beautiful woman named Alexandra to be caught in flagrante delicto with David to expose his womanizing ways to Mariella. Lisa wants to help David by trying to convince Mariella that he is innocent. After Lisa helps Mariella and David to reconcile, it becomes clear that Lisa herself has also fallen in love with David. Lisa suspects that Richard is plotting against David, but David doesn't believe her, so she sneaks into Richard's office to find proof. David then realizes that he will not be able to win the election that the board of directors is holding to determine whether he or Richard should be running the company. David realizes that he needs Lisa's assistance in adjusting his business plan in order to position himself as the better candidate for the company's top spot.

Richard sabotages Lisa's computer with a virus, so Lisa turns to her friend Jürgen Decker for help. Lisa is flustered when David announces at the board meeting that Lisa will be giving his presentation. At first, Richard enjoys seeing Lisa squirm, but she soon gets ahold of herself and does such a good job with the presentation that it becomes clear that David is probably now the front-runner for the company's directorship. David then tells Lisa that he is going to bring her to an important social gathering with potential fabric suppliers, so she tries to improve her appearance, but she fails miserably. At the party, David becomes distracted by an extremely attractive journalist named Monique Westermann. While David focuses his attention on Monique, a fabric supplier named Blum starts talking to Lisa. David leaves with Monique, and the next day he tells Mariella that he had to drive Lisa, who he claims was drunk, to her home in Göberitz.

Lisa gets tired of covering for David's peccadillos, but her family is in a tight financial situation, so she can't seriously consider quitting her job, even though that is what she wants to do. She decides to ask David for a salary increase, but he tells her that it isn't a good time for that. Blum offers Lisa 20,000 euros if she will recommend his company to be Kerima Moda's exclusive fabrics supplier. Lisa is offended by the offer and rejects it outright. A rumor circulates around the office claiming that Lisa is having an affair with Blum, even though their relationship is restricted to business.

At home, Lisa's father loses his job and he asks Lisa not to mention his unemployment to her mother. Bernd finds himself in a bad situation when Helga tells him that she'd like to take a trip to Paris. Despite her family's need for the money, Lisa decides to tell David about Blum's bribe. David assures Lisa that she has done nothing wrong. He then suggests that they take Blum's commission money and set up a dummy corporation, which would protect Kerima Moda from its creditors. Lisa reluctantly agrees to become the head of David's dummy firm, primarily because she thinks that it is the only way to save the company, as well as all the jobs of its employees. Hugo adds more pressure to David by demanding additional money for the next collection that he is designing.

One of Lisa's first responsibilities as head of the new company is to procure a line of credit from the bank. After worrying about the outcome of her request, Lisa is able to put together a proposal that is accepted by the bank, so she is granted the line of credit. David then invites Lisa to join him at the Tiki bar to celebrate with some drinks and a little karaoke. Sabrina tries to embarrass Lisa by pasting a picture of David in the middle of a big paper heart and slipping it between some of Lisa's documents so it will be seen by everyone. Lisa tries to explain that she didn't create the picture, but her colleagues don't believe her. Jürgen suggests that Lisa should make her co-workers believe that she already has a boyfriend, so they will stop thinking that she is in love with David. Lisa doesn't like the idea, but Jürgen forces her hand by sending a romantic email and some flowers to her office.

Wanting to keep Lisa happy, David wants to organize an engagement celebration for Lisa and Jürgen. Sabrina finds Lisa's relationship to be suspicious, so she stops by Jürgen's news kiosk to try to find out the truth. Jürgen is flattered by the interest that Sabrina seems to have in him, but he still manages to act the role of Lisa's boyfriend. Jürgen then begins giving Lisa advice on how to invest the funds from her company, B.STYLE, in order to earn enough money to shore up Kerima Moda's hemorrhaging coffers.

Hugo's assistant, Hannah, is relieved when she notices that Timo, the company's errand boy, is not particularly susceptible to the flirtation of David's little sister, Kim. David is uncomfortable when he learns of Jürgen's participation in B.STYLE business, so he demands that Lisa must exclude Jürgen from all future stock market speculation. Lisa is not pleased when David and Max scheme to acquire fabrics of inferior quality. David starts to spend less time with Mariella, so she has to make plans to interview an architect named Lars van der Lohe alone.

Jürgen tries to convince Lisa that David is using her, without compensating her financially. Lisa tells Max and David that they can sell the cheap materials under another label, that way they don't have to take a loss on the fabrics, but they can still protect the integrity of Kerima Moda's reputation. Richard and his mother, Sophie, conspire together to prove that David is unable to run the company effectively. After David repeatedly dismisses Lisa's suggestions, she decides to make it clear to him that she is the boss of B.STYLE and she wants him to begin treating her accordingly. In addition, she wants to finally begin receiving fair wages to compensate for all of her responsibilities. David realizes that Lisa deserves what she is asking for, but Max suspects that Jürgen has been influencing Lisa's demands.

At Max's urging, David decides to spend more time with Lisa to get to know her better, in order to reverse some of Jürgen's influence over her. When Lisa sees Jürgen putting their fake relationship at risk by flirting with Sabrina, she starts to wonder if she can still trust her old friend. Mariella is annoyed when she senses that her mother is trying to get her to focus her attention on Lars, particularly since David has been neglecting her so much recently. Max starts to feel an attraction for Yvonne Kubala, who used to be a co-worker of Lisa's father. Kim tells Hugo that she has fallen hopelessly in love with Timo. Lisa surprises David by confessing that she has deep feelings for him.

Timo is afraid to confess to Kim that he has had no experience with women, but Kim's reaction is more understanding than Timo expected. Hugo counsels Timo by telling him that the most important thing is his love for Kim. After their first time together, Timo and Kim float on cloud nine. David realizes that he has to keep Lisa happy, but he bristles at Max's suggestion that he has to seduce her. In an attempt to get Kerima Moda a fashion magazine cover story, Mariella makes plans to sponsor a "Kerima Award" ceremony. Richard pressures David with an audit of the company's balance sheets. Sophie gets suspicious when Friedrich returns from a vacation without Laura.

Helga applies for a job as a waitress and Bernd gets jealous when he learns about the favorable attention that the interviewer paid to her. Jürgen then asks Helga to help him out at his news kiosk instead. Lisa tries to sabotage David's plans for a rendezvous with a model named Verena. The "Kerima Awards" ceremony is a success, so David invites Lisa to the Seidel mansion to celebrate. Richard teams up with Viktor Karski to manipulate the press. The Seidels are shaken up when Friedrich has a heart attack, and the incident causes Sophie to wonder if she should stop conspiring against David, but Richard feels more determined than ever to take David down.

Hannah wants to talk with Timo about her feelings for him, but she realizes that it would be pointless. While Hugo wallows in self-pity, Britta Paul comes up with an idea to motivate him again. Sabrina tries to inspire Jürgen to buy an expensive new car, but he is skeptical. Friedrich finds Bernd to be a very attentive listener as he talks about all of his troubles. When Friedrich is released from the hospital, his family unites to welcome him home. Richard presents Viktor as a business partner. Yvonne tries to help Lisa to break the news to Bernd that she wants to move into an apartment in Berlin, which she would share with Yvonne and Hannah. Richard tells Hugo that David is looking for another designer because of his creative slump, so Hugo feels betrayed by David.

Lisa suspects that Sabrina has cheated Jürgen out of 20,000 euros through her car dealings with Ralf Morton, but Jürgen defends Sabrina. Timo fears that he will lose Kim if she finds out that he shared a kiss with Hannah. Kim witnesses a tense moment between Timo and Hannah, so she later confronts Hannah and asks her what is going on. Yvonne is overjoyed when Max professes his interest in having a relationship with her, but she is soon saddened to realize that he is embarrassed by her appearance and her manner. Lisa managest to reconcile David and Hugo's professional relationship. Inka and Agnes are surprised when some anonymous love letters suddenly turn up in the catering department. Inka assumes that her ex-husband, Thomas, is behind the secret poetry and is trying to woo her back.

Some of Hugo's designs are stolen, and a supposed witness, Berta Schuppke, identifies David as the burglar who broke into Hugo's home. Lisa sustains a head injury, so David really feels the impact of her absence from the office. While trying to keep himself busy at home, Friedrich decides to try cleaning up of the garage. As he and Bernd start to make their way through the clutter, they make a startling discovery. With Viktor's help, Richard is able to take over the company. Lisa is afraid to go up against Richard, so she feels like she should just give up, but Bernd convinces her to go back to the office and fight. Lisa and her parents notice that David has begun trying to drown his misery in alcohol. Agnes accuses Inka of siding with Richard.

Hannah advises Yvonne to take a pregnancy test. Richard tries to convince Lisa to abandon David's cause and to work with him, but she rejects his offer. Lisa and Jürgen try to assess the strength of B.STYLE's financial situation in order to see how much capital is at their disposal. Kim hopes that Hannah and Ralf will become a couple, so she will no longer have to worry about losing Timo to Hannah. Lisa is displeased on Yvonne's behalf to see Max flirting with Inka, even though Yvonne no longer believes that she has a chance of getting back together with Max. Sabrina suspects that Mariella has fallen in love with Lars, despite the fact that she is still working with Laura to plan her wedding to David.

Hugo and Richard clash because they have completely different ideas about fashion, particularly because Richard's suggestions seem too conservative. Hugo tries to get Sophie to intervene, and she then goes to Richard and asks him to give her a position at the company. Laura and Friedrich decide to finally invite their daughter Kim's boyfriend Timo to dinner. After Laura tells David to get his act together and fix his problems with the company and with Mariella, he tells Lisa that he needs her to help him to get his wedding plans on track. Thinking that her feelings for David will never lead her anywhere, Lisa starts to wonder if she really should start trying to think of Jürgen as more than just a friend. Lisa and Jürgen try to go on a date, but she realizes that she can't change how she feels about David just by trying to force her feelings for Jürgen to grow. Sophie starts to feel lonely and begins drinking a lot of wine to drown her feelings.

Despite his flirtations with Inka, Max confides to Agnes that he still has feelings for Yvonne. He tells Agnes that he believes he has thought of a way to convince Yvonne of his love. Helga comes to think that Jürgen might be the right man for Lisa. Jürgen asks Yvonne how he can win Lisa's heart. Agnes is alarmed when a new sandwich vending machine appears as her new competition. Hugo is jealous when he sees Britta and a male model named Jorgos flirting with each other. Britta presumes that Hugo is jealous because he wants Jorgos for himself, but Hugo is actually discovering feelings for Britta. Mariella is concerned about Sophie's drinking. Lisa is stunned when Agnes reveals that Richard has fired her.

Agnes's dismissal give Lisa a renewed vigor in her opposition to Richard's leadership. Despite the fact that Lars has been away on business in Ghana, Mariella is still in turmoil over her feelings for him, so Sabrina tries to comfort her. David and Max try to think of ways to diminish Richard's success. Jürgen is astonished when Lisa says that she would like for Hannah to be the chief designer of B.STYLE. Lisa has to work with Mariella to promote a new B.SYTLE handbag. Timo feels that his relationship with Kim is threatened by Alexander Greifenhagen, because Alex and Kim are of the same social class. Agnes asks Lisa how she plans to celebrate her upcoming 25th birthday, but Lisa is too busy rejoicing over a huge order for B.STYLE handbags to think about a birthday celebration.

Britta has been dating Inka's ex-husband, Thomas, so Hugo feels concern after Inka reveals that Thomas was always a bad womanizer. After Yvonne tells Max about her pregnancy, he turns to Inka for her help in finding a suitable baby gift on the Internet. Mariella asks Hugo to cooperate with Sophie, who has been negatively critiquing his designs. Lisa is concerned because she feels that David is willing to harm the company in order to hurt Richard. Despite Lisa's misgivings, David soon regains control of the company. At a gamily gathering, a drunk Sophie reveals to all of the gathered Seidels and von Brahmbergs that Friedrich is Richard's biological father, not her late husband Claus.

Agnes, who has gotten her job back, goes to the Tiki bar with Helga and Bernd, where she meets a friendly young man named Boris Wutke. David is in a state of shock over Sophie's bombshell, so he goes to spend the night in Göberitz with the Plenskes and is comforted by their home's warm family atmosphere. Mariella, with Lisa's help, tries to persuade David to make a conciliatory gesture toward Richard, the half-brother they now know that they both share. Lisa makes a surprising diplomatic decision at the next board meeting: David and Richard should be co-managing directors. Agnes and Boris, who has become her new assistant, quickly discover that they argue constantly.

Sabrina tries to get Richard to open his heart to her. Friedrich turns to Bernd once again in order to vent his frustrations and concerns. Friedrich is later surprised when he finds Laura's petition for divorce in the mail. Bernd encourages him to send Laura a love letter. Richard, Hugo, and Lisa organize a successful photo shoot, and even Sabrina helps out. Lisa invites David to the celebratory toga party, but David does not want to be around Richard, so he declines. Lisa then wonders if she should accept Richard's offer to accompnay her to the party. Agnes, Boris, and Helga all team up to fulfill the catering demands for the party.

Hannah is happy that Hugo supports her career aspirations and he even gives her some helpful hints. Friedrich is overjoyed when Laura says that she is willing to give him a chance to win her back. Helga and Inka tease Agnes about her date with Boris. Mariella becomes the new face of Kerima Moda and her new modeling career takes her to South Africa. Timo gets into a fight with Alex and punches him in the nose, which makes Kim feel relieved that Timo still cares enough about her to feel such jealousy. Lisa starts a diet, but she confesses to Jürgen that she is tempted to give up. With Sabrinas help, Richard schemes to take Lisa out of action by mixing a chemical substance into her food.

Sabrina tests Richard's love for her by telling him that she is pregnant, but she does not get the response that she was hoping for, because Richard just offers her some money for an abortion. Not knowing that Lisa has been drugged, Jürgen is concerned when he finds her sleeping at her desk, particularly because she is supposed to be in an important meeting at that moment. Sabrina turns to Jürgen for sympathy. After Lisa collapses, David worries about her and drives her to Göberitz. Despite this incident, Lisa says that she is determined to continue with her diet. Inka wonders why she has had no success with men, so she decides to change her appearance. She decides to see how her new "bombshell" look will work on Max. Jürgen sends Sabrina away, and feels that it was the right decision, but he regrets his behavior when he learns that she is allegedly pregnant.

David wants to launch a new perfume line, but Richard is against the idea. Sabrinas tries to make Richard jealous, but her plan fails. She then threatens to expose Richard's plot to poison Lisa. Agnes decides to limit her contact with Boris to their working relationship, so she rejects his requests for another date. Timo considers breaking up with Kim, but before taking any drastic steps, he decides to try defining some ground rules that they both should follow, to see if they will be able to make things work. Boris makes a sauce and he feeds it to Agnes, so she can give him her opinion, but she is overwhelmed by the sensuality of the moment, so she flees before Boris's seduction overcomes her.

Sophie finds companionship with Kim's recent fling, Alex. David tells Lisa to stay home to rest, but she feels guilty because there are deadlines to meet for the perfume launch. Sophie tries to provoke Laura during a random meeting, but the encounter quickly backfires on Sophie. Lisa passes out again, so David brings her to the hospital. Bernd blames her condition on the diet, but Jürgen is skeptical, so he begins to investigate and he soon discovers that Lisa is being poisoned. Sophie doesn't like the way Friedrich has been treating her, so she decides to get her revenge by writing her memoirs, and she hires Alex as her secretary. Jürgen suspects that Richard is the one behind Lisa's deteriorating health, but Lisa feels that they have to find conclusive proof before they make any accusations. Boris wants to take Agnes out again, but she tells him that she is bringing Inka to the Tiki bar to cheer her up. Boris then shows up at the bar with his bio-farmer friend Georg.

Lisa wonders if she should quit her job, and her parents are enthusiastic about this idea, but Lisa realizes that she can't just withdraw and allow Richard to win. Inka is so desperate to have a man in her life that she shows an interest in Georg. Mariella returns and decides to concentrate on her job as the "Face of Kerima", but she is troubled by her feelings for Lars, so she tries to give him the cold shoulder. Helga is dissatisfied with her job at Jürgen's kiosk, so she sets her sights on getting a job with Agnes in the catering department, but she is disappointed when Agnes is not receptive to the suggestion. Sabrina tells Friedrich that she is pregnant with his grandchild and she tries to get him to intervene and help her to convince Richard to take a paternal interest in her baby, but Richard just tells Friedrich to stay out of his life.

While David continues to have doubts about his wedding to Mariella, Lisa looks for confirmation that she could somehow be a better match for David than Mariella. David asks Lisa to be his witness at the wedding, but the thought of it makes Lisa uneasy. Mariella isn't pleased by the idea either. Sophie realizes that her drinking has been having a negative effect on the quality of the drafts for her memoirs, so she asks Alex to help her to stay away from alcohol. Hannah comes back from a trip to Antwerp and she gets in an argument with Yvonne, so she decides to move her workshop into Jürgen's office. Inka and Hugo insult each other about the visible signs of aging, but then they reconcile and assure each other that they look dazzling, even though doubt still gnaws at them. Richard finds out that Sabrina is not pregnant, but he soon realizes that if he were to have a child he could use the baby as a bargaining chip with Friedrich, so he tells Sabrina that they should try to conceive a baby for real. But Sophie is not particularly fond of the prospect of having Sabrina as the mother of her Brahmberg grandchild.

Knowing that David and Mariella's wedding plans are moving forward, Lisa tries to avoid being alone with David, but she can't avoid him when the two end up standing under some mistletoe together. Timo and Kim take a little "break" from each other, during which they are both free to see other people, but Timo realizes that he just wants to be with Kim, not knowing that she has already hooked up with someone else. Helga suggests that Laura could help her to do some of the baking for the Adventsfest. The experience helps the two women to bond, and Helga admits that Laura is not as arrogant as she had always believed her to be. Kim tries to make Timo jealous by openly flirting with Alex in front of him, but Timo doesn't give Kim the reaction she was hoping for.

Yvonne collapses, so Lisa and Max bring her to the hospital. Fortunately, Yvonne and the baby will both be fine, as long as Yvonne confines herself to her bed. Lars asks Mariella if he can meet with her at the house he has designed for her and David to live in, but Laura warns her not to play with fire. Yvonne disappears from the hospital, so Lisa, Max, and David call the police in to investigate. Lisa is touched when she sees how strongly Max cares for Yvonne. Lisa goes hom to Göberitz and finds Yvonne at a playground. Mariella can't resist going to see Lars. Richard threatens to dump Sabrina if she doesn't conceive a baby soon. She suggests that perhaps it is his fault that she isn't getting pregnant, not hers. Nevertheless, she decides to see a doctor to be examined for fertility problems.

When Lisa notices how coolly Mariella treats David she is highly irritated, but she keeps herself from interfering. Richard is certain that he has no fertility problems, but he is soon given a diagnosis to the contrary. Sophie is jealous and resentful when she sees how well Richard and Friedrich have been getting along. She feels that Friedrich is trying to take her son and grandchild away from her. Friedrich responds that it is a little difficult to take her seriously, as long as she is involved with Alex. Lisa begins to suspect the reason for Mariella's cruel behavior towards David, she thinks that Mariella is having an affair. Laura tries to convince Friedrich to have no sympathy for Sophie, but Friedrich can't help but feel bad for Sophie when he sees how viciously Richard humiliates his mother.

Max's home is flooded, so he seeks refuge with Yvonne and Hannah. Max soon surprises Yvonne by suggesting that they should officially live together, but the two have very different ideas about the kind of place they should live in. Lisa is so disappointed by Mariella's deceptions that she wants to have nothing more to do with her. Richard makes it clear to Sabrina that if she doesn't get pregnant right away, he will be finished with her, so, suspecting that Richard might be the cause of their lack of fecundity, she wonders if perhaps she should seduce Jürgen to see if he can get her pregnant. Jürgen rebuffs Sabrina's advances, so she has to work harder than she had expected to get him to cooperate. While Lisa and David are picking out a Christmas tree together, someone shoots at them. Bernd is upset when Traudel Decker, Jürgen's mother, accidentally destroys the gift he was going to give to Helga for Christmas. Friedrich looks forward to the first Christmas he and Richard will have as father and son. Although Sophie will be spending the holiday alone, Friedrich thinks that it would be asking too much for him to expect Laura to welcome Sophie into their home to celebrate with them.

Hugo, Inka, and Agnes coincidentally end up spending Christmas Eve together in the Tiki bar. After Christmas, Sophie feels insulted when she learns that Richard also plans to spend New Year's Eve with the Seidels, but her spirits are somewhat lifted when she discovers the doctor's bill for Richard's fertility test. Lisa wonders how David could possibly be the man of her dreams who was referred to by Agnes when she read her Tarot cards. She decides to try to create clarity by pressing Mariella to finally tell David the truth, which might then open the door for her friendship with David to blossom into a romantic relationship. Hugo tries to push thoughts of Britta, especially her relationship with Thomas, out of his mind. Bernd has his heart set on winning the neighborhood's annual contest for the best New Year's Eve fireworks display, but Helga would rather go dancing. She can't get Bernd to change his mind, so she decides to go out with Agnes instead.

Mariella leaves Berlin unexpectedly, so David asks Lisa if she would like to ring the new year in with him, so Lisa starts to wonder if perhaps her dreams are finally coming true. David is deeply hurt when he learns of Mariella's affair with Lars. He hides his pain behind aggression and believes that the whole world is against him. Lisa tells him that he does not have to be ashamed of his feelings, so he falls into her arms and lets his tears flow freely. Sabrina finds out that she is pregnant, but she wonders if Richard is the father. Sabrina feels confident that Richard will marry her now that his heir-apparent is on the way. Lisa goes with David to the house that he was to share with Mariella, so he can symbolically say goodbye to the house and to his relationship with Mariella. While they are there, Lars happens to show up too. A fight between the two rivals ensues and Lisa tries to mediate, but she eventually is forced to give up. David later turns up at Lisa's home in Göberitz to tell Lisa that he is going to try to win Mariella back.

Kim is glad when Hannah agrees to accompany her to a brunch with Sophie, but the two are surprised when Sophie regales them with anecdotes from her glamorous youth. Inspired by Sophie's tales, Kim and Hannah throw themselves head first into Berlin's night life, but what starts out as a merry adventure quickly evolves into something sinister. Jürgen tells Lisa about a conversation he has had with David that leaves him to believe that she might actually have a chance at being with David in a relationship. Sabrina is thrilled when Richard tells her that in planning their wedding, money is no object, so she starts planning her dream wedding. Lisa is happy to be reunited with David again and is confident that they can make things work now. Laura is angry when she learns that it was Sophie's stories that led Kim into a dangerous situation, so she decides to confront Sophie. The two women get into a fight, during which Laura is accidentally injured, quite seriousely. Laura is taken to the hospital, where she slips into a coma. Everyone is relieved when Laura comes out of the coma and begins to recover. Mariella has come to support David during Laura's recovery. Lisa feels left out, so she throws herself back into her work and focuses on promoting the new perfume line, which is to be called Mariella. She tries to engage a well-known P.R. man named Rokko Kowalski to help with the promotion.

When David sees that Richard refuses to leave Friedrich's side, he decides that perhaps he should agree to an armistice, for their father's sake. Richard then asks Sophie to stay away from the Seidels in order not to discredit him. Kim is comforted by Timo's concern for her during this stressful time. Lisa feels instant dislike for Rokko, but she tries to put her personal feelings aside and put the company's best interests first. Lisa and Rokko come up with a new concept for the Mariella perfume campaign. David renews his hope of getting Mariella back, but at the same time Mariella is considering a proposal from Lars to accompany him on a trip to the USA, even though she knows that she can't leave Berlin until Laura fully recovers.

Richard and Mariella both turn their backs on Sophie because of her involvement in Laura's accident, so Sophie decides to try to win Kim's loyalty. Lisa is happy that Mariella likes the campaign that she and Rokko have come up with, but David rejects what Lisa and Rokko are propopsing. Hannah begins to get annoyed by all of Max and Yvonne's baby things that have been filling up every remaining inch of free space in the apartment. Boris asks Agnes to leave Berlin and move with him to the Black Forest. Lisa decides that she has to purge her feelings for David from her heart. Lisa is soon surprised to receive a very flattering compliment from Rokko. As Max and Yvonne make plans to move into their own place, Hannah starts to look for a new roommate, so Timo wonders if perhaps this could be his opportunity to finally move away from home, but this thought of separation does not please Inka. Timo is disappointed, though, when Hannah tells him that she doesn't think that it would be wise for her to have another friend as a roommate.

Jürgen starts to suspect that he might be the father of Sabrina's baby, so he conveys this suspicion to Lisa. Sophie offers to work with Kim to plan a huge masquerade ball. Knowing that Laura would be very upset about her contact with Sophie, Kim keeps secrets from her mother regarding from whom she has been receiving assistance. Lisa fantasizes that Rokko is a Casanova who is trying to seduce her. She and Rokko plan to have a date, but things don't work out, so they try to reschedule. Hugo swears his eternal love to Britta and they soon get married.

Sabrina starts to feel lonely, cooped up all by herself in the Seidel mansion, so she tries to have a real friendship with the one person who really cares about her, Jürgen. Rokko's attention begins to make Lisa feel beautiful and worthy of desire for the first time in her life. Sophie tries to convince Lisa that she has changed and she convinces Lisa to allow her to work on company promotions. When Rokko refuses to accompany Lisa to a charity event, she invites Sophie to go with her instead, but Sophie tricks Lisa into wearing what Lisa believes is a pink faux fur, but turns out to be real fur. This causes a controversy with animal protection advocates and is reported in the news the next day.

Hugo is devastated when Inka reports the shocking news that Britta has been killed in an accident. Hannah meets a new man named Marc, who asks her on a date, but she regretfully has to decline because she feels that Hugo needs her support at the moment. The two are soon able to find some time to go out together and they start to develop strong feelings for each other. Hugo plans a grandiose funeral for Britta, but Inka finds his plans to be too overwrought. Lisa confesses to David that Rokko is in love with her. David tries to conceal his disappointment by advising Lisa to give Rokko a chance. Yvonne goes into labor and has her baby. When Lisa sees David holding Max and Yvonne's baby, she can't help but imagine having a family with him. She realizes that the only way she can move beyond her feelings for David is to give Rokko a chance.

David notices that Lisa and Rokko seem to be growing closer, and he wants to be happy for Lisa, even though he isn't completely pleased by the situation. Inka worries about Hugo, so she spends the night with him to help him through his mourning. Hannah is hurt because Marc seems to prefer having his freedom to committing himself to her, so she decides to take Timo's advice and play hard to get. Laura's physical therapy starts to show results when she takes her first steps on her own, but her recovery is not without its setbacks. Sophie teases David by insinuating that he is jealous of Lisa's budding relationship with Rokko. He denies Sophie's implication, even though he knows that she is correct, but he realizes how many difficulties he has put Lisa through during the past year, so he is determined to let her go.

Timo decides that he can't be a mere runner at Kerima Moda for the rest of his life, so he applies to an international university, which makes Inka very proud. He then starts to wonder if perhaps he has set his sights too high, but Jürgen encourages him and offers to help him to fill out his application forms. Hugo throws himself back into his work and assures Inka that he is feeling better, but everything he sees there conjures up painful memories of moments he spent with Britta. David confesses to his mother that he has feelings for Lisa, so Laura later tries to let Lisa know why David's behavior has been so strange whenever he has encountered Lisa and Rokko together. Helga is worried when Bernd starts to have chest pains. Hugo tries seeing a therapist, but he finds all of the questions about his childhood to be irrelevant. Marc offers Hugo "happy pills", and at first he refuses to try to numb his pain that way, but he soon finds the temptation of a seemingly simple solution to be too difficult to deny.

David realizes that he must finally tell Lisa that he loves her, but he is disappointed when he learns that she has decided to put him out of her heart so she can move forward with Rokko. Max finds that having a baby really adds to a couple's cost of living, so he tries to convince Yvonne that they should consider the tax savings they could get if they were married, but she tells him that she has no desire to get married, at least not for financial reasons alone. Timo hopes that he can get a scholarship, otherwise he will not be able to afford the university's tuition. Hannah is disappointed when she discovers that Marc uses drugs, but she naively believes that she will be able to get him to quit using. Bernd has another incident with his heart while at the Seidel's home, so Friedrich brings him to see his physician. When Hannah tells Hugo about her hopes for curing Marc of his addiction, Hugo is skeptical, but he thinks that Marc is better off than he is, because without Britta he has no one to help him with his own drug problem.

Lisa tries to resist accepting a dinner invitation from David, but his persistence wears her down and she agrees to dine with him. When she tells Rokko, she makes him believe that it will just be a business dinner. Yvonne agrees to a small wedding, but Max feels that they should celebrate their marriage on a larger scale. When David shows up, Lisa waits for him in vain and wonders what has kept him from her. After calling the Seidel residence and learning that nobody knows where David has gone, she suspects that he has gone to Fashion Week in London and was just playing with her emotions when he made their dinner date. Kim's love/hate relationship with Alex starts to lean a little more to the love side, but she decides to keep their fling a secret from Sophie and everyone else. Bernd tries to keep his heart problems from Helga, but Friedrich and Laura coerce him into telling her.

When Helga learns that the Seidels knew about Bernd's condition before she did, she feels that her husband has committed a breach of trust. Lisa gets a strong feeling that David didn't just leave town to gallavant in London and she suspects that something bad has happened to him. She soon gets confirmation when she learns that David did not show up at any of London's Fashion Week events. After she finds his mobile phone, she tries to convince Laura and Friedrich that something is very wrong. Friedrich soon receives a disturbin letter, which reveals that David has been kidnapped. Sabrina misses Jürgen's attention, so she is saddened when she finds out that he has been going to some "speed dating" events.

Lisa gets Laura's help to convince Friedrich to call the police. They decide not to tell anyone else about David's kidnapping, at least not until after they are able to come up with all of the demanded ransom money, but Sophie finds out and offers to help raise the money. The kidnapper calls and demands that a woman should deliver the money. Laura insists on delivering the ransom, but Lisa steps in to do it instead. After Sabrina loses her baby, the Seidels expel her from their house, so she turns to reliable Jürgen, but he only allows her to spend that night, while he sleeps at his kiosk.

Lisa confides in Rokko and the two try to figure out clues that might lead to where David is being held captive. Yvonne reminds Lisa that she promised to be a witness for her wedding. Max curses his unfaithful friend David for not being there, so Lisa wonders if she should tell Max the truth. Timo is annoyed because Max forgot to ask him to be a witness at the wedding. Lisa and Rokko head for a location where they think David might be held and they are shocked when they encounter Richard on the same remote road.

Max and Yvonne decide to enjoy their Flitterwochen (honeymoon) at home with baby Bärbel, but after the baby becomes too much of a distraction they decide to ask Helga to babysit. Just as Lisa is about to give up hope for finding David alive, her father gives her an idea that she decides to look into. Sophie hears the rumor that Richard is involved in David's kidnapping, but she doesn't want to believe that it is true. Lisa finally finds David, who is in a very bad condition, and rushes him to the hospital. The Seidels are gratefule and welcome Lisa to their home. Sophie realizes that she must stop Richard.

Inka tells Max off, quits her job, and goes on vacation to Ibiza. When she returns, Timo asks her what she is going to do for a job, so she decides to see if Max will forgive her and let her come back to work at Kerima Moda. David cannot bear knowing that Richard is still on the loose, so Lisa and Rokko follow Richard in order to find evidence of his involvement in David's kidnapping. Lisa starts to believe that nothing more can stand in the way between her and David. Lisa thanks Rokko for all of the support he provided during David's abduction crisis. Rokko tells Lisa that he would like for her to consider him to be more than just a helpful friend.

David, who has been shaken up by his near-death experience, decides not to return to his former life. Yvonne is shocked when she learns how deeply in debt Max has gotten himself through gambling. After learning of David's decision, Lisa wonders if she should consider moving on with her life. Friedrich takes up David's duties at Kerima Moda, which displeases Sophie. Richard is arrested and Sophie goes to visit him in prison to find out where he hid the ransom money, so she can use it against the Seidels. David tries to come to terms with his recent ordeal by visiting Richard in prison, where he realizes that he only feels compassion for his vengeful half-brother.

Rokko makes a declaration of love to Lisa, who feels energized from the knowledge that love does not always have to be complicated. She now feels able to focus on her work once again. David plans to fulfill his childhood dream of buying a yacht and sailing around the world. He brings Max to see the boat that he wants to buy, but Max is concerned about the broken-down state of the vessel. Friedrich has little time for Laura because of the demands of his job, so she begins spending more time working out with her trainer, Johannes.

Sophie realizes that she needs an ally, so she makes amends with Hugo and tries to become his new best friend, but she really just wants to drive him crazy by frequently mentioning Britta's name. Lisa wants to change her appearance, so she turns to a professional... Hugo.  Jürgen and Kim promise to help David to restore his yacht. Rokko proposes to Lisa and she shares the news with her parents. Bernd and Helga are ready celebrate their daughter's wedding day at that very moment. David suspects that Sophie is responsible for Hugo's nervous state of mind.

Rokko and David both feel intense jealousy towards each other. Helga gets caught up in making wedding preparations. Sophie starts buying up huge blocks of Kerima Moda stock. David gets Lisa alone and kisses her, which makes Lisa feel conflicted regarding her upcoming wedding. She tries to assure Rokko that he has no reason to be jealous. Jürgen loses Sabrina once and for all when she meets a wealthy sheikh from Dubai, who offers to buy Kerima Moda's entire collection just to conquer her heart.

David and Rokko get into a brawl, and Lisa tries to separate them. Sophie instigates Kim to demand her trust fund from her parents. Laura tells Kim that her request is out of the question, so Kim then tries to extort the money from her mother by threatening to tell Friedrich about Laura's fling with Johannes. To save her marriage, Laura gives in and speaks to Friedrich about disbursing Kim's funds to her. Helga meets with David and pleads with him not to stand in the way of Lisa's happy future with Rokko. David then decides to take off on his yacht. Max tries to convince David to say goodbye to Lisa, but when he observes her dancing with Rokko he comes to believe that it would be best if he just left.

Max tells Lisa about David's departure, so she rushes to catch him before he leaves. She later tries to put Rokko at ease by telling him that she is still committed to marrying him. Their wedding proceeds as planned, but David rushes in and declares his undying love for Lisa. Even though she doesn't want to hurt Rokko, she realizes that she could never love him as strongly as she has loved David. After all of their trials and tribulations, Lisa and David have their happy ending: they get married and then literally sail off into the sunset.

Season Two  (after David and Lisa's departure)

The focus of the second phase of the series was Bruno Lehmann, who turned out to be Lisa's half-brother. Bruno leaves his hometown, Kahlene, to meet his real father, Bernd Plenske, in Berlin. Bruno falls in love with Nora Amendola Lindbergh, a married designer. Bruno finally manages to conquer Nora's heart, but she eventually comes to realize that she is only attracted to Bruno because he brings back memories of her great love, her ex-husband, Sven Lindbergh. Nora eventually leaves Bruno and returns to Italy to come to grips with her past.

After Lisa and David left Berlin, Lisa's father Bernd became the caretaker for the Seidel family's property, and Helga took over Jürgen's news kiosk. Among the other characters who remained for the show's second phase were Hugo Haas, Friedrich Seidel, Laura Seidel, Sophie von Brahmberg, Jürgen Decker, and Kim Seidel.

A little while after Nora leaves Bruno, Hannah Refrath returns to Berlin and is now a talented young designer*. Hannah falls in love with Bruno, but, unfortunately for her, Bruno has gotten involved with Kim Seidel, so Hannah finds herself caught up in a love triangle with David's little sister yet again, just as she had been when they were both interested in Timo Pietsch. By the time Bruno and Kim start to make wedding plans, Bruno comes to realize that his heart really belongs to Hannah, so he jilts Kim at the altar. Kim fakes a suicide attempt, and then she tells Bruno that she is pregnant by him. Hannah decides to let Bruno go, so he can be there for his child. Bruno soon finds out that Kim has lied to him and that her estranged husband, the wicked Paolo Amendola, is the real father of her baby. Meanwhile, Hannah has decided to go with her new friend, David and Kim's cousin Jan Rothenburg, to Los Angeles, but her love for Bruno prevents her from leaving Berlin. Hannah and Bruno plan to meet at a secret rendezvous, but Hannah is in the wrong place at the wrong time and she gets caught up in a scheme of Paolo's to abduct Kim. While both women are held captive, Bruno desperately searches for Hannah. Kim tries to scheme her way out of captivity, but during a struggle with Paolo, Hannah accidentally shoots Bruno, who has come to rescue her. Paolo is ultimately defeated, and little while later, in the final episode, Bruno and Hannah are finally married.

* Upon Hannah's return, the novela's point of view was split between her and Bruno, with both providing voiceover narration alternately, but for all intents and purposes, Hannah took over as the show's new lead character.

  • The original name of the telenovela was Alles nur aus Liebe (All just for love), but the abbreviation would've been ANAL, so the title was changed.

  • Lisa was called Lily in early versions of the script.

  • Sat.1, the network that aired "Verliebt in Berlin" in Germany, had mini-marathons of each week's episodes every Sunday.

  • In its first season, "Verliebt in Berlin" garnered ratings that rivaled those of "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" (Good Times, Bad Times), the popular, long-running, traditional-format soap opera that had been airing on rival network RTL since 1992. "Verliebt in Berlin" star Alexandra Neldel (Lisa) appeared on "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" from 1996 to 1999.

  • The original plan for the length of the series was 225 episodes, but it was extended to 364. Then after Lisa and David left the series, a second phase (or second season) began that focused on Lisa's half-brother, Bruno Lehmann. This version of the series continued for another 281 episodes, until episode 645, which aired on October 12, 2007.

  • In January of 2007 it was announced that Alexandra Neldel would reprise the role of Lisa during a four-week visit in April. After Lisa and David left "Verliebt in Berlin", the ratings declined drastically, but Neldel's brief return gave the show a temporary boost in viewership.

  • "Verliebt in Berlin" was also used to launch another telenovela, "Lotta in Love," by having one of that new show's main characters, pop singer Alex Weidenstein (played by Janin Reinhardt), appear in three episodes of "Verliebt" a week before "Lotta" premiered. The first of the show's 130 episodes aired on March 27, 2006. "Lotta in Love" was a modern-day take on "The Prince and the Pauper" in which Carlotta "Lotta" Wiesner, the daughter of a laundromat owner in Munich, inadvertently ends up on stage in place of ailing superstar Alex. Lotte only agreed to the ruse because she'd just met Alex's ex-boyfriend, Michael Stern (Nils Brunkhorst), and had fallen in love with him at first sight. Eventually, Lotta finds out that she and Alex are twin sisters and Lotta becomes a star in her own right. In the three episodes of "Verliebt in Berlin" in which Janin Reinhardt appeared, Alex had arrived at Kerima Moda to get a jacket that she intended to wear in an upcoming concert. Kerima Moda was subsequently mentioned a number of times on "Lotta in Love".

  • The Gemeinnützige Siedlungs und Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft mbH (Charitable Settlement and Housing Association Ltd.) building was used for the exterior shots of Kerima Moda.

  • "Verliebt in Berlin" was so popular that it spawned a video game. The PC adaptation of the popular telenovela was the most successful classic adventure title of the 2005 Christmas season, as well as the best-selling product based on a TV license. The game was developed by Berlin studio Radon Labs and designed by writer Martin Ganteföhr.

  • The show also launched a clothing line (B.STYLE, sold at Colloseum Shops), a fan magazine (available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria), and DVD sets of all episodes (20 episodes each set), including the specials. The 18th box set includes the last twenty episodes and the TV movie. The show also inspired a series of ten novels and three soundtrack CDs, which contained music from the series, including the show's theme song by Nena, plus songs from Dido, Glashaus, Sarah Connor, Nora Jones, Sarah McLachlan, Joss Stone, and more.

  • A special edition DVD set containing the final episodes also featured a fake alternate ending in which Lisa, instead of choosing between David and Rokko, ran off with Richard instead. David and Rokko then left the city and headed off into their own private Brokeback Mountain scenario. There was also a real alternate ending, in which Lisa chose to marry Rokko. This scene was probably never actually considered as a possible ending, but was almost certainly only filmed to keep people guessing about how the series would really end, in the event that details about the two potential endings were to be leaked to fans.

  • The show's theme song, "Liebe ist," was performed by Nena, who had a huge hit in the United States in the early 1980s with "99 Luftballons," aka "99 Red Balloons."  In France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Canada (where the French-dubbed version "Le Destin de Lisa" aired), the theme song was "Le destin de Lisa" by Alexandra Lucci.

  • Starting in January of 2006, the Hungarian TV station TV2 aired a dubbed version of "Verliebt in Berlin" called "Lisa csak egy van".  Also, France's TV station TF1, Belgium's RTL-TVI, and Switzerland's Télévision Suisse Romande all aired a version dubbed in French called "Le destin de Lisa" (The destiny of Lisa), and the second season was retitled "Le Destin de Bruno" (The destiny of Bruno). In Slovakia, the series was aired with the title "Zamilovaná v Berlíne" on TV JOJ.  In other markets, the series was repackaged under the title "That's Life".


Alexandra NeldelElisabeth "Lisa" PlenskeOur heroine
Mathis KünzlerDavid Hieronymus SeidelPresident of Kerima Moda
Bianca HeinMariella von BrahmbergDavid's fiancée
Nina-Friederike GnädigSabrina HofmannMariella's friend; Lisa's nemesis
Karim KösterRichard von BrahmbergSon of Friedrich and Sophie; Mariella's half-brother; David's half-brother and nemesis
Hubertus RegoutHugo HaasKerima Moda's star designer
Alexander SternbergMaximilian PetersenDavid's best friend
Oliver BokernJürgen DeckerLisa's childhood friend
Wilhelm ManskeFriedrich SeidelDavid, Kim, and Richard's father
Olivia PascalLaura SeidelDavid and Kim's mother
Gabrielle ScharnitzkySophie von BrahmbergRichard and Mariella's mother
Volker HeroldBernd PlenskeLisa's father
Ulrike MaiHelga PlenskeLisa's mother
Matthias DietrichTimo PietschKerima Moda's errand boy
Stefanie HönerInka PietschWorks at Kerima Moda; Timo's mother
Laura OsswwaldHannah RefrathOne of Lisa's friends at Kerima Moda; Hugo's assistant; Timo's girlfriend
Lara-Isabelle RentinckKim SeidelDavid's spoiled sister; Hannah's frenemy
Manuel CortezRobert Konrad 'Rokko' KowalskiDavid's rival for Lisa's affections; Kerima Moda's new P.R. Director
Susanne SzellAgnes Hetzer

Lotte Hetzer
One of Lisa's friends at Kerima Moda; in charge of catering

Agnes's twin sister
Roman RossaViktor KarskiStockholder who helps Sophie with her schemes
Bärbel SchlekerYvonne Cindy-Renate Kuballa PetersenCo-worker of Bernd; friend of Lisa; eventually marries Max
Susanne Kathrin BerckhemerBritta PaulMarries Hugo; dies in a car accident
Clayton Maxwell NemrowLars van der LoheArchitect who marries Mariella
Matthias RottBoris WutkeWorks with Agnes; moves to Bavaria with her

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