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On Tuesday, September 28, 2010, nightly reruns of the first season of "Gogona Gareubnidan" began at 11:00pm, leading right up to the premiere of Season Two on Friday, October 8, 2010, at 10:00pm.  A few recurring guest stars from the first season were promoted to full-fledged cast members for the second season, namely Nana Lortkipanidze (Eter), Mariam Geguchadze (Gvantsa), and Sandro Mikuchadze-Ghaghanidze (Giorgi). The season consisted of thirteen episodes and concluded on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2010.
Story Synopsis:  Season Two
The first episode of the second season of "Gogona Gareubnidan"  (episode 11) was based on the first episode of the second season of "Ugly Betty", How Betty Got Her Grieve Back (episode 24). While Koba recovers from being shot during the convenience store robbery, Lika is overprotective of him and refuses to allow him to leave their bedroom. After his car accident, Nika is in a coma and Archil keeps a vigil by his bedside. In their absence, Lali takes control of the day-to-day operation of TV 11. Rezo helps Vakho and Merab with some car problems and they are impressed by his mechanical skills. Makuna has morning sickness, because of her pregnancy, so she has to miss Lali's staff meeting, and Ancho definitely misses her presence. Ancho has been trying to find out who the father of Makuna's baby is, but her friend refuses to tell her.
Tamuna goes to the hospital to see Nika and to offer her support to Archil, who is also visited by his friend (the one who had been conspiring with Eter). Lali sends Tamuna to the Voulez-Vous Beauty Centre to meet with one of the station's advertisers and she feels a bit out of her element. When Tamuna gets home, she goes up to Lika's room to see how she's doing and it is revealed that Koba actually died shortly after he was shot and Lika has just been fantasizing that he survived the shooting. Lika finally lets her pain come out and she cries on Tamuna's shoulder. Later, Lika finally emerges from her room, but Rezo and Venera know that her mourning is far from over. The presentation that Tamuna was responsible for creating is a big success and Tamuna gets an unexpected surprise when Lali congratulates her for a job well done. Lali gets a phone call from Giorgi that leaves her emotionally shaken.
The second episode of the season, the twelfth episode overall, was partially based on the twenty-fifth episode of "Ugly Betty", Family/Affair. Lali rushes to Archil's side at the hospital to pretend to be supportive while he waits for Nika to awaken from his coma. Beso, a young relative of Venera, comes to stay with her for a while. [Continuity Error: Before Tamuna and Sopo leave the apartment in the morning Tamuna is wearing a pink blouse over a leopard-print skirt and Sopo is wearing a violet tee-shirt with cherries on it, but when they step out into the hall and chat with Venera and to meet Beso, Tamuna is wearing a bronze colored top over a fuschia velour skirt and Sopo is wearing a white blouse with a picture of a dog wearing glasses. Then, when they get down to the street, Tamuna is now in a silver blouse with the burgundy skirt, while Sopo is back in the violet cherry tee-shirt.]  In the aftermath of Koba's death, the Chelidzes become concerned because it appears that Sopo has begun to behave rebelliously.
Merab and Vakho meet with Rezo to talk him into going into business as a mechanic. Lika meets an older widow while visiting Koba's grave and feels a connection with her. Levan gets a phone call from his mother, who seems worked up over his and Mari's wedding plans. Manana and Dodo seem concerned about Lali's reign of terror at the station. During a staff meeting, Tamuna is the only person who has the nerve to speak up and make a suggestion but, of course, Lali insults and bullies her. Lali gets another disturbing call from Giorgi, and Ancho tries to eavesdrop on their conversation. Rezo seems uncomfortable with Lika's mourning. While Tamuna and Dodo are in Manana's room, a older man named Valeri comes to visit Manana and Dodo is instantly smitten with him. We're treated to a fashion montage when Ancho and Mari go shopping at the Materia store. When they go back out to the street, Ancho runs into Sandro, a man she has been attracted to for some time. Sandro then goes with them and Levan for lunch at Acid Bar, where they run into Tamuna. Just as Levan gets playful and starts pretending that he is madly in love with Tamuna, Merab drives by with Vakho and Maia and they see Levan grasping Tamuna in a tight embrace.
The next day, Manana, Dodo, Valeri, and Tamuna have lunch together [Note: Tamuna is now wearing the pink blouse she had been wearing at the beginning of the episode.]. Tamuna thinks it's strange when the waitress hands out menus to everyone but her, until she looks up and sees that their server is Maia, who seems upset about something. Tamuna follows Maia into the kitchen to see if she wants to talk about whatever is bothering her. Later at the office, Tamuna receives a delivery of flowers, so Levan presumes that they must be for someone else. Rezo calls Gvantsa to ask her if she has noticed Sopo's recent behavior. Gvantsa then calls Sopo's cell, but Sopo, who is hanging out with a gang of bad girls, makes it clear that she doesn't want to talk to her [Note: Sopo is now wearing the tee-shirt with the cherries on it.]. Gvantsa looks for Sopo, and when she finds her they get into an argument. When Tamuna gets home from work, she is surprised when Vakho meets her in the stairwell with more flowers.
The thirteenth episode wasn't based on any particular "Ugly Betty" episode. In the first scene, Lali has breakfast with Giorgi. She is upset because she wants him to get a job and be more responsible. As Archil keeps his vigil by Nika's bedside, the doctor tells him that there is no way of knowing when, or if, Nika will emerge from his coma. Levan and Mari seem to be upset that Levan's mother and Cicino, his childhood friend, are coming for a visit. Tamuna goes to see Maia at the restaurant where she works and Maia's boss yells at her for socializing while she's supposed to be working, so Maia quits. Dodo is very interested in Manana's friend Valeri, but she can't tell if he is attracted to her or not.
Lika goes to visit Koba's grave and she sees the older, matronly widow again. Gvantsa stops by the Chelidzes' apartment to see Sopo, but Rezo tells her that Sopo had told them that she would be hanging out with Gvantsa. In reality, Sopo lied to her family so she could spend time with the bad girls in a club for teens. Tamuna surprises Lali by successfully working with Ancho and a director to produce an episode of one of the station's programs. One of Sopo's teachers stops to talk to her, but Sopo seems annoyed and behaves defiantly. Then, Gvantsa confronts Sopo about the lie she told her family, but Sopo is confrontational and shows no remorse. On TV 11's rival network, Lasha Chkhikvishvili gives a news report regarding Nika's suspicious accident from the wrecking yard where the totaled SUV had been towed. Before entering Archil's office to talk to him, Lali unfastens the top button of her blouse to expose her cleavage. She apparently has set her sights on seducing her boss, but he is so exhausted from spending so much time at the hospital that he is unresponsive, until Lali steps behind him and starts to give him a neck and shoulder massage.
Lali calls a staff meeting so Tamuna can present the program she produced [Note: A red carpet paparazzi shot of Betty White can be seen on the wall in the conference room. In December 2007, Betty White appeared in Bananas For Betty, the tenth episode of the second season of "Ugly Betty".]. Tamuna's work makes a good impression on everyone, including Lali. Ancho is pleasantly surprised when Tamuna singles her out to give her credit for her assistance. Somehow, Merab and Vakho have obtained Nika's totaled SUV and they have it delivered on a flatbed truck to Rezo so he can fix it. Tamuna and Vakho go on their first date, to a Chinese restaurant called Sianggan, and Vakho seems to have a difficult time using chop sticks [Note: On "Ugly Betty", there was a similar scene for Betty and Henry's first date, which was at a sushi restaurant, but in their case Betty was the one who was experiencing a kind of Asian cuisine for the first time.]. While Ancho is out on a date with Sandro at a restaurant called Near Opera, she sees Giorgi dining with a beautiful young woman, so she immediately calls Makuna to tell her. Is Giorgi the father of Makuna's unborn baby? Ancho seems to think so. Makuna seems more disturbed by the fact that Ancho is with Sandro than she is about Giorgi being out on a date with another woman. Rezo doesn't think that Lika should allow Sopo to go out at night, but Lika doesn't want to discipline Sopo while she's grieving. Sopo goes to meet her new friends and Gvantsa follows her. In the last scene, Gvantsa witnesses something shocking.  [Note: During the second commercial break of this episode's original broadcast there was a car ad that featured the actor who portrayed Archil's private detective throughout the first season.]
In the fourteenth episode, Merab and Vakho acquire Nika's SUV—not knowing it was his—and they ask Rezo to see if he can fix it. Lika returns to the cemetery and converses with another one of her older widow friends. Eter calls her co-conspirator, Archil's supposed friend. Rezo discovers that the SUV's brake lines had been cut, then he finds Nika's TV 11 ID card in the vehicle, so he calls Tamuna to tell her. Levan brings Maria and Ancho to the train station because they are going to a beach town together [Note: I think that it was Batumi, on the Black Sea]. After they arrive at their destination, Ancho sneaks away to meet up with Makuna, who has been staying in the same city, but Mari finds them having lunch together.
The young man who is staying with Venera (Is he her son, grandson, nephew, or boarder? Or is this some kind of Harold and Maude situation?) comes over to fix the Chelidzes' sink. Lali meets Giorgi at a bar and introduces him to a man (I think that she is trying to arrange a job for Giorgi). Manana does a little matchmaking for Dodo and Valeri. Lika invites three of her widow friends over for tea and conversation. Rezo gets a visit from Archil, who wants to talk about Rezo's discovery. Maia comes to the station to give flowers to Tamuna, to thank her for her recent kindness, and she ends up making a good impression on Levan and Lali, who hire her to be a production assistant. While Sopo hangs out with a group of tough girls who convince her to drink alcohol, her friend witnesses the scene from a distance and takes a picture on her cell phone. While Levan is conducting an on-air interview that is going badly, Maia coaches him from the sidelines and helps him to make the interview a success. Archil goes to visit Eter in prison so he can ask her if she had anything to do with Nika's accident.  [Note: Lali has a poster in her office for the American hit dramedy "Desperate Housewives", which happens to be the series that Marina Kakhiani's American counterpart, Vanessa Williams (Wilhelmina on "Ugly Betty"), became a cast member of after the cancellation of "Ugly Betty".]
In the fifteenth episode, Makuna finally tells Ancho who the father of her baby is, and Ancho finds the information very upsetting. Makuna confesses that she slept with Sandro, the guy Ancho has been dating. Lali brings Giorgi on a shopping spree to give him a more sophisticated look for his new job. Eter is released from prison when evidence surfaces to implicate Archil's friend in her supposed crime instead. Tamuna's former nemesis, Maia, becomes very popular at the TV station [Note: This story line is similar to the one that spanned a few episodes from the third season of "Ugly Betty", particularly Granny Pants, in which Lindsay Lohan's character, Kimmie Keegan, got a job at Mode magazine and soon had everyone, including Marc and Amanda, fawning all over her.].
Tamuna visits Nika, who is still in a coma, and she begins to suspect that he may soon regain consciousness, because while talking to him she notices that his fingers on his left hand start to move. Later, Gvantsa goes to TV 11 to tell Tamuna about her concerns regarding Sopo's new circle of friends, and she shows Tamuna the pictures that she'd snapped on her cell phone. After an upsetting visit to the prison, Archil goes to a bar to calm himself. Lali comes in and takes advantage of Archil's state of mind by getting him drunk and seducing him [Note: see Punch Out, from the first season of "Ugly Betty"]. Venera's young relative Beso (grandson? nephew?) surprises her with a cake to celebrate her 65th birthday. While spending a relaxing evening at home, Lali hears a knock at her door and finds Giorgi in her hallway with blood on his hands, and she is shocked when he tells her that he has killed someone [Note: This story line parallels the one from the fourth season of "Ugly Betty" in which Wilhelmina's daughter Nico pretended that she killed her abusive boyfriend in an attempt to scam money out of her mother.].
In the sixteenth episode, Sopo is lectured and scolded for hanging around with the kinds of girls who would pull a knife on Tamuna. Lika and Rezo are particularly upset because Gvantsa was injured during the incident. Lali helps Giorgi to clean all traces of blood from the car in which he supposedly killed a man. Vakho is concerned because he thinks that Tamuna is avoiding him, even though she has just been busy with her work responsibilities during Nika's absence. Sopo blames her friend for getting her in trouble with her family. Venera is visited by a man who seems to raise her blood pressure. While Manana is having lunch with Dodo and Valeri, a man named Nugzar comes over to their table and it appears that Manana is attracted to him.
Levan spies on a florist's shop to find out who has been sending flowers to Mari. He tries to follow a man who comes out of the shop, but he is mobbed by a bunch of teenage girls who want his autograph and he loses track of the man. Maia convinces Mari, Levan, and Ancho that they should invite Tamuna to go out with them after work. When they get Tamuna to the bar, they talk her into doing a couple shots, then when Tamuna goes to the bathroom Maia pours a large amount of vodka into Tamuna's drink. The next morning, Tamuna is hung over, so she gets to work late. During Tamuna's absence, Maia pitches in and does Tamuna's work, in order to ingratiate herself with Lali, as well as to make Tamuna look bad. At school, Sopo stands up in front of the class and humiliates her friend, but it appears as though Sopo realizes that she has taken her vendetta a little too far.
A detective shows up at Lali's place, claiming that he is investigating the case of a missing person, and says that he wants to ask Giorgi some questions about the man who has disappeared. While visiting with Nika, Tamuna notices that while she speaks to him about the TV station the fingers on his left hand begin moving, but the doctor discounts the significance of this, telling her that it is almost certainly an involuntary action. Perhaps this doctor is being paid by Lali, or someone else, to keep Nika in a medically induced coma. After Tamuna leaves, Archil goes into Nika's room to visit him and he is surprised when he sees that Nika is flexing his fingers.
In the seventeenth episode, Levan and Mari are preparing for their wedding and Levan's mother and Cicino come to Tbilisi for the ceremony. The two women have gotten makeovers for the occasion, but Mari and Levan are clearly not impressed with the results. At TV 11, Manana is still acting as matchmaker and mediator for Dodo and Valeri. At school, Sopo and her friend resolve their problems. Lali goes to see Archil at the hospital and he tells her the good news about Nika's emergence from his coma (seven episodes into the season!), so Lali does her best to pretend that she is as happy as Archil is about Nika's recovery.
Levan's friends take him out for his last night as a single man to a strip club called DIVA, while Mari attends a bachelorette party that Ancho has arranged for her. When a stripper at DIVA comes over to Levan and sits on his lap, he gets uncomfortable and decides to step outside. Mari has a similar reaction at her party when a male stripper shows up. After Mari walks out, Ancho decides that there is no reason why she and the other women can't enjoy the guy's performance, especially since he has already been paid.
The next day at the office, Tamuna and Maia have a meeting with a woman to whom Tamuna is supposed to present a business proposal, but Tamuna gets a call from Vakho just as she is about to get started, so she steps out of the conference room for a moment to talk to him. After Tamuna hangs up with Vakho, she gets a call from Ancho, who is inviting Tamuna to Mari and Levan's wedding. Tamuna then calls Vakho back and asks him if he would like to be her "plus one" at the wedding. When Tamuna goes back into the conference room, she sees that the woman she was supposed to give the presentation to is gone, so she asks Maia what happened. It turns out that Maia decided to take Tamuna's notebook and deliver the business proposal herself. Lali later calls Tamuna and Maia into her office to congratulate Maia on her successful presentation, and Maia neglects to tell Lali that she had used Tamuna's notes.
Levan and his best man have a series of mishaps as they try to find the specific wedding band that Mari wanted, while Mari and Ancho have similar troubles as they try to find Levan's ring. They all end up being directed to the home of this shady woman whose merchandise is probably illegal black market goods. The next day, Levan and Mari's friends, family, and co-workers gather for their wedding. Near the end of the ceremony, a man steps forward to object to their nuptials and says that he is Mari's husband. Sopo and her friend go to a concert. Lali is nervous when she gets another visit from the investigator, who tells her that he has found proof of Giorgi's guilt and he wants Lali to pay him a large sum of money to buy his silence.
In the eighteenth episode, Levan won't take any of Mari's phone calls, so she goes to his apartment, but he refuses to open the door. Archil brings Nika home from the hospital. Mari goes to see the man who claims that he is still her husband to ask him why he has returned to ruin her life. Lika prepares to open her own beauty salon, so she hires a man to paint the place. The employees at TV 11 begin to realize that Maia is a backstabbing troublemaker, but Lali still seems to think that Maia is a good worker. Dodo makes a date with Nugzar, the man whom Manana is attracted to, even though Manana had tried to discourage Dodo from two-timing Valeri.
Lali sells off some of her jewelry and other valuables so she can keep Giorgi from being arrested for murder by paying the blackmail demanded by the investigator. Levan, Ancho, Dodo, Manana, and Tamuna all come together to plot Maia's much-deserved downfall. They make her believe that Lali likes for people to disagree with her, because she is sick of people who agree with everything she says. Then they encourage Maia to criticize a necklace that a woman is wearing, but what Maia doesn't know is that the necklace was sold to the woman from Lali's personal collection. Maia gets confrontational with Lali, who ends up knocking Maia flat on the floor. While Lika is in her salon, Lasha [Note: This is the same name as the TV news reporter who is featured in many episodes], a local official from City Hall, comes in and tells her that her business is in violation of some zoning laws (or something like that) because she has the wrong kind of permit. [Note: The story lines about Lika's salon troubles and Maia's comeuppance parallel those in Ugly Berry, the sixth episode of the third season of "Ugly Betty".]  Even though she knows that they don't like her, Mari goes to see Levan's mother and Cicino to see if they will help her to convince him to forgive her.
In the nineteenth episode, Lali considers some shady financial dealings to get the money to pay off Giorgi's blackmailer. Levan's mother and Cicino decide to help Mari to get Levan back, so they teach her how to cook Levan's favorite dishes. Tamuna is thrilled when Nika returns to work. Merab, Vakho, Venera, Ancho, Manana, Dodo, and other friends attend a party to celebrate Lika's new business. At the end of the party, a man arrives to give Lika papers stating that she can't open for business until she gets the proper permit. The next day, Merab and Vakho help Ancho to buy a new car. Later, while driving around, Ancho sees Makuna and Sandro together.
Dodo plans to stop seeing Nugzar, so she decides to make him lose interest in her by pretending to have really bad table manners when he takes her out to dinner. She orders way too much food, spills wine, dips her bread in her soup, and eats voraciously. Mari pours her heart out to Levan and he forgives her. While driving, Ancho rear-ends an SUV.  The vehicle's owner, a good-looking young man named Iviko (Dato Gotsiridze), gets out and Ancho is clearly attracted to him. Lasha shows up at the Chelidzes' apartment and tells Tamuna that he has found a loophole that will allow Lika to have her grand opening after all. [Note: This part of the episode was based on the arrival of Archie Rodriguez near the end of Tornado Girl, the eighth episode of the third season of "Ugly Betty".]
In the twentieth episode, Venera is sad because Beso's visit has come to an end. Tamuna stays home from work, because she is sick. Lali tries to hide from Archil that she has been selling company stock to raise enough money to pay off Giorgi's blackmailer. Nugzar comes to tell her about his disastrous date with Dodo, and he mimes Dodo's deplorable table manners for Manana. Levan and Mari leave Levan's mother's house so they can return to Tbilisi and to their jobs at the station. Nika meets with Lali to give her a not-so-subtle reminder that he is the boss. Lika goes to see Lasha to thank him for helping her to straighten out her paperwork problems. [Note: During the first commercial break, the actor who played Koba appeared in an ad for Bank Republic.]
Ancho calls the man whose SUV she damaged to make arrangements to fix his vehicle. Later, she brings the man to see Rezo, who says that he will repair the damage. Levan and Mari return to work and he announces to everyone that they have worked out their problems and are still together. Nika brings Mari, Ancho, and Makuna to a sports arena so they can film a segment about the city's rugby team. While there, Nika finds himself attracted to the woman who is his contact person at the stadium, Sopo [Note: I'm pretty sure her name is Sopo, even though this is also Tamuna's niece's name, so I'll call this one Sopo II. There must be hundreds of Georgian names for the writers to choose from, so I can't imagine why they would use the same names for multiple characters, but they recently did it for Lasha, so, who knows?]. Dodo makes plans with both of her admirers for an evening at the theater, and she also invites Manana. When they all find their seats, Dodo and Manana are sitting next to each other, so Dodo asks Nugzar if he'll switch seats with her, thereby conveniently arranging the four of them into two couples. Giorgi goes to have a secret meeting with someone, and it turns out to be the investigator who has been blackmailing him and Lali. It turns out that Giorgi has been working with the man all along, in order to extort money from his own mother [Note: On "Ugly Betty", this happened in the fifth episode of the fourth season, Plus None]. Venera's blood pressure rises when she learns that she is going to be evicted from her apartment.
In the twenty-first episode, Lika brings Venera to City Hall to see if there is anything that can be done to keep Venera from being evicted. While they are there, Lasha sees them and he tells Lika that he will try to help. Vakho and Merab go to Germany so they can find Beso and inform him of Venera's situation. Dodo and Valeri arrange an outing with Manana and Nugzar, but, unfortunately, after Nugzar arrives they see that he has brought a date. Manana pretends that she has received an important phone call and she says that she won't be able to join them after all. Lali makes a shocking discovery that leads her to believe that Giorgi and the private investigator conspired together to fake the murder scene in order to extort money from her.
Tamuna helps Nika to conduct job interviews and she is dismayed when she notices that he is only interested in the pretty candidates, while she is partial to an applicant who looks a lot like herself, with glasses, bad fashion sense, no make-up, and unruly hair. After the interviews are concluded, Nika is pleasantly surprised when Sopo II, the woman from the rugby stadium, comes to see him. Tamuna and Gvantsa suspect that Sopo is hanging out with the bad girls again, so they follow her, but they discover that she is actually singing with a glee club. Lali makes Giorgi think that she has put a large sum of money (or other valuables) in her safe, then later that night she catches him as he sneaks into the room and opens the safe. He knows that there is nothing he can say to explain his way out of the situation, so he just goes quietly when she tells him to get out of her apartment.
In the twenty-second episode, Venera is now living with the Chelidzes, but she still hopes that she'll be able to get back into her own home. Nika tells Archil about some irregularities with the company's finances, so Archil calls Lali to ask her about the discrepancies. Lali, fearing that Archil will discover what she had done to amass enough money to pay Giorgi's supposed blackmailer, uses her womanly wiles to distract Archil. When Tamuna gets to work, she finds Sopo II sitting at her desk, and Sopo II says that she is Nika's new assistant. Tamuna then finds herself displaced from her work space, without any explanation from Nika, so she worries about her job security. She gathers all of her belongings and goes to mope in the cafeteria, where Ancho tries to cheer her up.
Ancho brings Tamuna on a Christmas shopping excursion at the Shopping@Axis mall. Lali gives Archil an explanation that not only appeases him, it seemingly pleases him. After Ancho and Tamuna return from their shopping spree, Nika surprises Tamuna by bringing her to an office and telling her that it is now hers. In Okriba, Levan's mother makes preparations for Levan and Mari's second attempt at a wedding ceremony, but this one will be more down-to-earth than the last one.  Zaira brings in an old crone from the village to give an ancient ritualistic blessing to the soon-to-be newlyweds. The Chelidzes and Gvantsa attend a recital in which Sopo is singing. Lika is surprised when Lasha shows up to join them. After the show, the Chelidzes return home and decorate their Christmas tree. Valeri drives Dodo and Manana to Okriba for Levan and Mari's wedding, while Tamuna puts her life in Ancho's hands for the long drive. Ancho has a difficult time finding the venue but, fortunately, one of the local guests, Pancho, guides them to the tent in which the wedding will take place. Unfortunately for Ancho, the guy is instantly smitten with her. When the ceremony starts, Zaira puts a plate on the ground so Levan and Mari can step on it and smash it. Then the single female guests eagerly bend down to pick up the pieces. After the reception, just as Lali and Archil are preparing to leave, Tamuna comes rushing over and says that Pancho has kidnapped Ancho.
In the second season finale (episode 23), we learn that Ancho is safe and sound, but she has been trying to avoid her stalker. After Lasha's intervention, Venera has been allowed to move back into her own apartment. Sopo and Gvantsa go to a costume-themed holiday party at school and Sopo is amused to see that Gvantsa's attention appears to have been captivated by a certain Prince Charming. Ancho gives a presentation to Archil and Lali in a staff meeting and she is thrilled when it is well received. Lasha brings Lika out on a dinner date, but she keeps their budding relationship a secret from her family. Nika is concerned when he notices that Sopo II seems to be very depressed. She tells him that she has a life-threatening illness.
Mari isn't happy when Zaira and Cicino come for a Christmas visit. Ancho and Tamuna are tasked with throwing the holiday party. Ancho and Tamuna commandeer Levan, Mari, Manana, Dodo, and Valeri to entertain the attendees of the station's year-end celebration. Mari and Levan act as emcees, Manana sings, Dodo and Valeri do a traditional Georgian folk dance, and Levan and Ancho shimmy and shake out a more contemporary dance. Nika leaves the party early because he gets a phone call from a grandmotherly woman (Nino Chkheidze). The party guests are all led outside and the celebration is punctuated by a grand finale of fireworks. Unfortunately, Valeri's left eye is badly injured during the pyrotechnics display. After the party, Ancho and Mari return to the station. Lali and Archil arrive and they tell Ancho that they'd like to speak to her. They bring her to an office and tell her that it is now hers, because she has been promoted. Venera brings a basket of baked goods to Lasha to thank him for his help. In his apartment, she asks about the people in his family photographs and she is horrified to learn that Lasha's brother recently shot and killed a man during a convenience store robbery... Lika's late fiancé, Sopo's father, Koba!  Tamuna gets a surprise visit from Vakho, who has returned from Germany, and he gives her a Christmas gift, a tiny red box containing an engagement ring.
Season Two Trivia:
  • Marina Kakhiani (Lali) was given a new look for the second season. Not only was her hair darkened, her skin tone also seemed different. Many viewers remarked that she also looked younger.
  • Not having seen How Betty Got Her Grieve Back, many "Gogona Gareubnidan" viewers expressed certainty that Koba couldn't possibly have been killed in the first season's finale, particularly after they saw season two promos in which Koba and Lika seemed to be celebrating his recovery. Many fans considered the series to be a comedy, so they couldn't reconcile themselves to the idea that a regular character could possibly be killed off.
  • The actors who portrayed the characters in "Grdznobata Tqveobashi", the soap opera that Rezo and Venera watched throughout the first season, were no longer credited during the new opening sequence of "Gogona Gareubnidan".
  • Right after the second season began airing, it was rumored that Tornike Gogrichiani (Nika) and Nino Koridze (Makuna) had become a real-life couple shortly after filming of the first season had begun earlier, earlier in the year. Many people considered these reports to be unsubstantiated rumors, but they were proven to be true when Gogrichiani and Koridze were married on November 28, 2010, which was about one month after the stories began appearing on the Internet. Since Nika spent the first six episodes of the season in a coma, and Makuna had fled from Tbilisi for about the same number of episodes, Gogrichiani and Koridze had more time to spend on making their secret wedding plans. At the time of their wedding, he was 24 years old, while she was 37. Years earlier, Koridze had been married twice. Her first marriage, at the age of 16, lasted two years and produced a son, Irakli Kvirikadze, who was 18 years old in 2010, making him only six years younger than his new stepfather. Koridze's second marriage, which began when she was 21, lasted a year and a half.
  • Giorgi Vardosanidze (Levan) admitted in an interview that he told producer Irakli Kakabadzem that he didn't want to play a gay character, so they made the Georgian counterpart of Marc St. James heterosexual.
  • Since the characters of Mari and Levan are so different from their "Ugly Betty" counterparts, Amanda Tanen and Marc St. James, some of their character details and story lines were adapted and given to Ancho (e.g. Ancho's resentment of Tamuna's advancement, and her grudging softening towards Tamuna, are similar to Marc's relationship with Betty Suarez, but her antics and behavior are closer to Amanda's.).
  • Some fans were critical when Lika started dating Lasha, because Lika was practically a widow after Koba's death and many widows in Eastern Europe stay in mourning for the rest of their lives, but other fans were in favor of the relationship and thought that it was wrong for Lika to keep it a secret.
Season Two Cast*
* Shown below in order of appearance during opening credits

Tina Makharadze*

* Alternately transliterated as Maxaradze
Tamuna ChelidzeOur heroine

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Betty Suarez)
Soso MolodinashviliRezo ChelidzeTamuna's father

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Ignacio Suarez)
Nato GagnidzeLika ChelidzeTamuna's sister

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Hilda Suarez)
Nuki KopaleishviliSopoTamuna's niece; Lika's daughter; Rezo's granddaughter

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Justin Suarez)
Nanuli SaradjishviliVenera SoseliaThe Chelidzes' neighbor; sort of a surrogate aunt or mother figure for Tamuna and Lika

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: n/a)
Zura ZhghentiMerabTamuna's neighbor; best friend of Tamuna's boyfriend, Vakho

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Walter Tabachnik)
Mamuka MumladzeVakho*

* Alternately transliterated as Vaxo
Tamuna's boyfriend; Merab's best friend

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Henry Grubstick)
Mariam GeguchadzeGvantsaSopo's best friend

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: n/a)
Tornike GogrichianiNika KekelidzeTamuna's boss at TV 11

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Daniel Meade)
Marina KakhianiLali ChikovaniThe villainess who is constantly scheming to take over the station

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Wilhelmina Slater)
Zura TsintskiladzeArchil TsilosaniOwner of TV 11; Nika's biological father

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Bradford Meade)
Giorgi VardosanidzeLevan KhomerikiOn-screen TV personality at TV 11 (presenter, talk show host, etc.); Mari's boyfriend, then husband

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Marc St. James)
Keta LortkipanidzeMari KereselidzeReceptionist; Levan's girlfriend, then wife

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Amanda Tanen)
Nino KoridzeMakunaEmployee at TV 11

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: n/a)
Ruska MakashviliAnchoEmployee at TV 11

("Ugly Betty" counterparts: Amanda Tanen, Marc St. James)
Ketevan KandidzeDodoOne of Tamuna's work friends; Archivist in the station's video library

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: n/a)
Ia ShughliashviliManana KatsitadzeTamuna's work friend; Make-up artist at the station

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Christina McKinney)
Nana LortkipanidzeEter TsilosaniArchil's imprisoned wife

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Claire Meade)
Sandro Mikuchadze-GhaghanidzeGiorgi ChikovaniLali's son

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Nico Slater)
Guest Stars, Recurring Characters, and Later Cast Additions
 MaiaTamuna's troublemaking neighbor

("Ugly Betty" counterparts: Gina Gambarro, Kimmie Keegan)
Guga KakhianiKoba Tamazis dze KobakhidzeLika's late fiancé who was killed in a convenience store robbery; Sopo's father

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Santos Reynoso)
Lasha ChkhikvishviliLasha ChkhikvishviliNews reporter who serves as a sort of one-man Greek Chorus, providing exposition regarding events pertaining to various characters

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Suzuki St. Pierre)
Merab Brekashvili Archil's supposed friend who conspires against him with Eter

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: n/a)
 BesoVenera's young relative (grandson? nephew?) who comes to live with her briefly

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: n/a)
Apolon KublashviliSandroMan Ancho was interested in, until she learned that he got Makuna pregnant

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: n/a)
Eka MzhavanadzeZaira KhomerikiLevan's mother

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Jean Weiner)
Nata BerezhianiCicino*

* Alternately transliterated as Tsitsino
Levan's childhood friend

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: n/a)
Nugzar ChikovaniValeriDodo's love interest

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: n/a)
  Detective investigating murder Giorgi supposedly committed

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Detective Oskar Castelar, aka Jonathan Vieja)
Giorgi Papuashvili Mari's husband, whom she thought she had divorced

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: n/a)
 NugzarManana's love interest, who was first attracted to Dodo

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: n/a)
Vakho MosidzeLashaLocal official from City Hall who begins dating Lika after Koba dies

("Ugly Betty" counterpart: Archie Rodriguez)
 SopoWoman Nika becomes attracted to, not long after he emerges from his coma

("Ugly Betty" counterparts: Molly, Natalie)

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